Hometown:  Massenbach

Current City: Koln

Education:  Graduated nursing school in 2011,  Graduated medical school 2017

Age:  31

Strengths:  Sprinter, short prologues

Career Highlights:

  • 3rd National Road Championships Germany 2020

  • 3rd La Périgord (1.2) 2020

  • 6th UCI WWT Tour of Guangxi 2019

  • 5th GC BeNe Ladies Tour 2019

  • 2x4th Stage Colorado Classic WE

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About Tanja:  The 2021 season is going to be my 4th season as a pro. I came into pro cycling through winning the Zwift Academy 2017. For over 15 years I used to be a triathlete and I raced fixed gear for one. Next to triathlon I first finished nursing school in 2011 and afterwards graduated med school in 2017 as a doctor. In my offseason I still love to go swimming and I can call myself more than lucky that I made my hobby my job. 

// Q&A with Tanja 

Why cycling?  

I started with Triathlon when I was 11 yo and cycling was always my strongest discipline. When an injury forced me to quit running, I transitioned to cycling and felt like I found my purpose. 

Favorite ride: 

 I love riding the hills around Adelaide. It was my first trip, when I turned pro and the dry heat, the eucalyptus trees and the chance of koalas and kangaroos crossing is just amazing. 

Favorite Cycling Moment (so far):  

That is a hard choice between my bronze medal in the national road championships 2020 and finishing in 6th place in the WWT race Tour of Guangxi in China. 

2021 goals: 

Winning bike races with my new team :)

When not riding,

I like to...: spend time with friends and family, especially with my two little nephews. Furthermore I love to draw and do other sorts of handcrafting, while listening to podcasts. 

Favorite warmup song: 

St.Anger - Metallica

Favorite post-ride food: 

See above —> Pancakes :) 


Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists?  

First find your love for the sport and the training before you focus on structured training and results. 


Little-Known Fact: 

 I like to read forensic medicine books „for fun"


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