Arkansas bound: Team heads to Joe Martin Stage Race

August 23, 2021

The Joe Martin Stage Race (JMSR) is upon us, and this year, the 19-year-old USA Cycling Pro Road Tour event is doing things a little differently. Race organizers will honor last year's virtual JMSR men's and women's winners by allowing the e-racing victors to wear the leader's jersey on the opening stage.

Last year's virtual winner, Lauren Stephens will start JMSR on Thursday in the pink leader jersey. Also, Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank will be placed number one in the team car convoy for stage 1's 64-mile Mount Gaylor Road Race.

Lauren Stephens will start 2021 Joe Martin Stage Race in the pink leader's jersey, honoring her virtual overall win in 2020. Photo/Twila Muzzi

The racing continues with another 67-mile road race on stage 2, an uphill time trial for stage 3, and a criterium in downtown Fayetteville to conclude the race.

Joining Stephens for the four-day stage race are Maddy Ward, Clara Honsinger, Emily Joy Newsom and Emma Langley.

"I am super excited to race Joe Martin because, funnily enough, it will be my first road race with the team," Langley said. "I love each of the stages at JMSR because they each offer something slightly different and I think will really suit us as a team."

"I've always loved Joe Martin Stage Race, and this year, I'm excited to be coming with a strong squad," Newsom said. "We have many cards to play between us all, and I'm looking forward to some dynamic and aggressive tactics!"

Australian Nicole Frain rounds out the roster, and joins Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank for the rest of the season.

"I am most looking forward to the opportunity to learn from the staff and other riders during this time," said Frain, who finished third in the Australian TT championships earlier this year. "I am also excited to develop as a rider, which I don't think I've even scraped the surface of yet. So really, I think this is just the beginning!"


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