Keeping tabs on mental health, Tabatha workout, and diet prioritizaton

Whether these times have you crunched for time or hunting for activities, we have answers for both in the Lockdown Lowdown. In this week's edition, Erica Clevenger reminds us it's okay to acknowledge your mental health and gives tips to work through hard times. To keep our physical side healthy, Leah Dixon guides us through an intense Tabatha workout, and Diana Peñuela explains how to prioritize your diet during the lockdown.


Healthy mindset: You're allowed to be human

These are some tough times. I've been missing my family so much, my mom, my sister, my niece, my friends, and my teammates. I am fortunate in that as a graduate student and pro cyclist, my life is not as harshly impacted as others right now. I think it's good to have that perspective, but also, I like to remind myself that it's okay to admit that this kind of sucks. Your hurt is your hurt. There will always be someone out there who is struggling more! I've never found that telling myself it could be worse makes me feel any better (although sometimes doing something nice for someone who is struggling does!).

I don't think being relentlessly positive is always the healthiest thing. I've found that accepting the situation, allowing myself to feel a bit sad, and finding ways to pull myself back up work better long term! We are all human and we all hurt sometimes. That's okay! When I am feeling down, I also like to ride my Cannondale SuperSix Evo, cook with my fiancé, cuddle with my cat, play with my dog, and watch videos of my sweet baby niece. <3

Disclosure: I'm not a mental health expert, but I am a human talking to other humans. I have been to see mental health experts in the past who had told me something akin to this when I didn't think I deserved to feel sad or angry or upset because other people are dealing with worse. Take care of yourself. You deserve it! ~ Erica Clevenger


At home workout routine

Each week we will share with you an indoor training routine from one of our riders. Our goal is to give you ideas that require minimal equipment.

This week’s workout is: "Tabatha workout” by Leah Dixon (GB)

This is a session I would do regularly in the run-up to criterium racing or if I got home from work late and was short on time. It's short, but definitely not sweet! 1. Warm-up - 15 mins - work your way through the zones, get your HR up, and get a bit of a sweat on. This can be adjusted depending on how much time you have.

2. 20 seconds all out - this is a zone 5, full gas all-out effort! No saving energy for later in the set. 3. 10 seconds recovery - zone 1 - very light pedaling Repeat this a total of 10 times to finish the first set. There's not much recovery, so you should be reaching a pretty high HR towards the end. 10 mins recovery Repeat set 1 - you'll get halfway through this set and think it's not possible to finish 10. I promise you can! Warm Down - 10 mins easy pedaling The session is only about 45 mins long, but a killer! If done correctly - you won't be able to/want to do anything else afterward.


Weekly nutritional tips

Managing eating habits by Diana Peñuela (COL)

For these days of isolation and big changes in our lifestyle, my advice is that we must also have some important changes in our nutrition.

Today, the most important thing is to reinforce our diet with nutrients that will help improve our immune system to defend ourselves against any virus or disease.

Some of the tips or habits that I am using for my lockdown days are:

-Organize a meal schedule where you can take care not only of the amount of food you eat but also the quality of it.

-It is very important to stay hydrated. The hours on a trainer and rollers combined with indoor strength exercises make you sweat more than if you were outdoors.

-Include fruits and vegetables in all the meals you make.

-Drink hot infusions, these improve your digestion and help the proper functioning of your respiratory system.

-Take advantage of changing your diet. Now that you have more time at home, you can experiment in your kitchen with those recipes that you always wanted to make.

-Do it as a family. Cooking has proven to be good therapy to kill time and strengthen the family bond. Let's do it together.

These tips are not from a doctor or nutrition specialist, but from my experience, they will make both your tummy and your body much healthier and happier.


Coming up... Next week, we'll have new updates from our athletes, including at-home workouts, recipes and more!

Published: 04/20/2020



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