Tips to stay healthy during quarantine

It’s hard to believe Easter has already come and gone, and we’re already in mid-April! Our athletes returned from Europe on March 16 and have since then been on lockdown. As Covid-19 restrictions continue to shape our lives around the world, we hope our weekly mental, physical, and nutritional tips, and ideas help keep our supporters and fans healthy, happy, and positive. This Wednesday is our mid-week motivation ride! All are welcome to join the team on Zwift for an hour ride. Details at the bottom of the page.


A healthy mindset: saluting the sun

“This is me every morning - I salute the sun and breathe in the energy the universe is offering me, and in return, I shine my light big and bright. I use this time to set my intention for the day so that I can show up as the best, greatest version of myself every single day.” ~ Shannon Malseed


At home workout routine

Each week we will share with you an indoor training routine from one of our riders. Our goal is to give you ideas that require minimal equipment.

This week’s workout is: "Interval bursts” by Lauren Stephens

1) Warm-up 10 minutes - easy (zone 1)

2) 15 min w/ 30 sec burst. Ride tempo (zone 3) but every 2 min perform a 30 sec burst (zone 5-6)

3) 5 minute easy (zone 1)

4) Repeat (step 2&3)

5) If you’ve had enough, start to cool down. But if you want to be a champion, complete the effort one more time!

6) Cool down for 5 minutes. (zone 1)

Zones explained:

Zone 1 - Easy. Think going out for a light spin.

Zone 2 - Endurance. A comfortable pace you could ride for a few hours.

Zone 3 - Tempo. Normally, you would ride like this for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Zone 4 - Threshold. A hard pace you can sustain for about an hour.

Zone 5 - VO2: Now you are pushing yourself. It’s 3-8 minutes of sustained all out.

Zone 6-7 - These are under three minutes of all-out effort, as hard as you can go.


Emily's Spartacus workout

Do each for 1 minute and rest 15 seconds in between. If you do multiple sets, rest 5 minutes between each.

1) dumbbell squat

2) mountain climbers

3) alternating dumbbell swing

4) High plank pushup to dumbbell raise

5) alternating single leg squat jumps

6) arm rows bending from your hips

7) dumbbell side lunges alternating

8) high plank single arm row

9) Single dumbbell front lunge with a twist, alternating

10) Squat to shoulder press with dumbbells


This week's nutrition tip

Sprouting by Kristen Faulkner

Most legumes, grains, seeds, and nuts contain phytic acid, which prevents our body from absorbing the nutrients. When you sprout them, it removes the phytic acid so that our bodies can digest the nutrients. Also, because it’s a live plant at that point, It contains a lot more fiber, vitamins, protein, and usually fewer calories. It’s also easier for our stomachs to digest.

Salad with sprouted alfalfa, sprouted clover, sprouted broccoli, sprouted quinoa and sprouted chickpeas.

Quinoa, Swiss chard, strawberries, pecans, tomatoes, and dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper).


Coming up...

Join us this week for our first mid-week motivation ride! The one hour ride on Zwift with the TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank team starts at 6 a.m. PT, April 15. To join, be sure to sign up here.

  • Next week, we'll have new updates from our athletes, including at-home workouts, recipes and more!

Published: 04/15/2020



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