Brodie Chapman's Gritty Victory at the Tour of the Gila (Stage One)

Pictured: Tour of the Gila Stage 1: 1st - Brodie Chapman (AUS), 2nd - Edwige Pitel (FRA) and 3rd - Kristabel Doebel-Hickok (USA)

In a thrilling uphill battle to the finish, Brodie Chapman (AUS) won the opening stage of the Tour of the Gila today. Chapman caught Kristabel Doebel-Hickok with just 200 meters to go, in an impressive demonstration of ‘determination and grit’.

Overall, it was a race of tactics and teamwork, with the goal to protect Chapman and be ready for the biggest challenge of the day: the Mogollon climb. Other teams set a hard tempo on the first part of the climb, immediately splitting the field. It wasn’t until the latter part of the climb that Chapman and two other riders got clear of the field.

Doebel-Hickok attacked around 2km to go, and Chapman fought to reel her in, and finally caught her with just 200m left in the race. The stage one podium was Chapman in first, Edwige Pitel second and Doebel-Hickok third.

“The whole team rode a great race, and Brodie finished it off in the best possible way with a huge show of determination and grit” said Rachel Hedderman, Head Sports Director for Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank.

The team has four stages remaining at the Tour of the Gila, with the next road race schedules for tomorrow morning.

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