Our Roster for the 34th Annual Redlands Bicycle Classic

Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank will be racing the 34th annual Redlands Bicycle Classic, which kicks off Wednesday, May 2, in Big Bear, California. The Redlands Bicycle Classic is the longest continuous running invitational, professional stage race in American bike racing. With five stages of varying terrains and altitude, the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour event lures top competitors from around the world.

Racing the Redlands Bicycle Classic will be: Lex Albrecht (CAN), Nicolle Bruderer (GTM), Kate Buss (USA), Alice Cobb (GBR), Emma Grant (GBR), Emily Newsom (USA), Jennifer Tetrick (USA) and guest rider, Gabby Traxler (CAN).

The first stage returns to Big Bear, California, for the time trial, which will set the stage for the the next days of racing. The athletes will return to Yucaipa for the second stage, with four challenging laps before heading up Oak Glenn for the final climb, totaling 66.1 miles of racing.

Next up will be the Highlands Circuit Race, with 20 challenging laps, on a course lined by spectators and a punchy hilltop finish. The criterium will be held on Saturday afternoon before the final race, the Sunset Road Race, a 68.1-mile stage that has often determined the ultimate champion of the Redlands Bicycle Classic.

Watch the Redlands Bicycle Classic, including video, via the event's Facebook page, and follow on Twitter using #RedlandsClassic.



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