An Upcoming Weekend of National Championships for Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank

American, Canadian and German National Championships are on tap for this weekend. Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank hopes to add to it’s National Championship tally following Ingrid Drexel's double success at the Mexican Championships and Nicolle Bruderer's Guatemalan ITT Championship victory. Sports Director Ed Beamon: " We have a good group to represent TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank in the American ITT and road race and I expect the team to have a strong performance. Lauren, Brie and Jen have been doing great work in preparation for the Time Trial and I think the road course will present plenty of opportunities for the team. Kendall Ryan will be looking forward to a possible sprint finish, and I think we have a team that will be able to handle any situations that develop if aggressive action breaks the race apart. We’ll miss Lindsay Myers and Kate Buss who are both recovering from crashes last week, but we look forward to their return to the team soon. Lex Albrecht will be racing for Canada and Kathrin and Nicole for Germany and Guatemala respectively." Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank rosters: Lex Albrecht - Canada - Road race 24th June. Nicolle Bruderer - Guatemala - Road race 24th June Kathrin Hammes - Germany - ITT 23rd June, Road race 24th June. U.S. Nationals: Brianna Walle, Lauren Stephens, Jennifer Tetrick - ITT June 24th. Brianna Walle, Heather Fischer, Jennifer Tetrick, Kendall Ryan, Lauren Stephens - Road race June 25th.



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