Highs and lows for Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank at the North Star Bicycle Festival

It was a week that started on a high note with Brie Walle looking to defend her 2016 title. Brie had a great ride in the opening individual time trial, finishing less than 0.2 seconds behind the leader for second place. Then things started turning downhill for Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank. On the second stage, the St. Paul criterium, a large crash towards the end of the race took Kate Buss and Ingrid Drexel down. Both riders went to the emergency room and had to abandon the race; Kate suffered a broken collar bone and Ingrid bruised her ribs and sustained damage to her knee. Brie held onto 3rd place overall heading into stage 3. A 4th place on stage five kept Brie in contention but another crash forced Lindsay Myers to abandon, with over thirty stitches to her forehead. With terrific help from her remaining teammates Brie finished the final stage with another top ten place to finish 4th overall, less than a minute off the winner, Emma White. “it was a tough week for the team” said Linda Jackson, the team founder. “It was impressive for Brie to hang onto fourth overall given the loss of her teammates. A silver lining was the incredible support that her remaining teammates gave her. That’s what teamwork is all about. We look forward to getting our riders healthy and moving forward from here.”



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