Ingrid Drexel wins Double National Championship Gold Medals!

Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank rider, Ingrid Drexel won both the individual time trial and road race gold medals and national titles at the Mexican Championships this weekend.

On Saturday Drexel completed the tough 21 kilometer time trial course in Monterrey, Mexico more than 30 seconds faster than her closest rival and then followed that by taking a great victory in the 110 kilometer road race today.

This is the 2nd time 23 year old Ingrid has won the road race title (2013) and the 3rd time for the time trial (2013, 2015).

Sports Director Ed Beamon:

"I knew Ingrid was coming off our European block with great form and she showed some of that strength at the Joe Martin Stage Race in support of team leader Lauren Stephens.

We were all cheering for Ingrid’s success as she returned home to contest the National Championships. The whole team is excited and very proud of Ingrid’s accomplishments.

Most inspiring to me is that she has been busy finishing her university exams while preparing to tackle the championship events, and has managed to create an impressive balance in achieving both important goals."



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