Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank riders leave it all on the road for their Captain and win Team Clas

When team Captain, Lauren Stephens effectively had a same-time finish as Ruth Winder in the stage 1 individual time trial, her teammates knew it was going to take everything they had to battle for the overall win. Stage 2 was an active race with a lot of attacks, but at the end of the day Winder won the stage and took a 10 second lead by virtue of time bonuses. Stephens took third on the day and stayed in second overall.

Stage 3 saw a large break go up the road and although Nicolle Bruderer was present for Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank, so was 6th place Katie Hall. Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank chased for over 60 kilometers to bring the break back. With just five kilometers to go, Stephens put in a huge attack to drop Winder but UHC closed the gap to keep Winder in contention.

In Sunday’s technical criterium, Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank put everything on the table to try to win the race, willing to sacrifice both podiums to go for the overall win. In spite of the effort, Winder was just too strong and won the last stage of the race to keep the overall. Stephens finished second and Kate Buss fourth.

The Team’s strong and cohesive riding all week earned it the overall Team competition.

Lauren commented:

"I'm very happy with the team this week, we fought together the entire race. I was most excited with how well Nicolle and Madeleine rode. We had camp back in February where the team trained and raced together, but Maddie and Nicolle weren’t able to be there. They are great teammates and we are looking forward to building on this base."

Sports Director Ed Beamon:

"Ruth Winder was the strongest rider with a very good kick this week and I don’t think there was much more we could throw at her. It was a great race and very competitive right from the beginning. I’m very happy with the way our team is riding and I think we gave it a solid effort. Congratulations to Winder for holding up and posting the victory."



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