Current City:




Portland, Victoria   

Ballarat, Victoria 

Advanced Diploma of



Sprinting, All-Around

Career Highlights:

  • Australian National Champion ('18)

  • 2nd - Tour of Chongming Island ('18)

  • Oceania Champion ('16)

  • 2nd - Oceania Championships ('17)

  • 4th - AUS National Road Race ('17) 

  • 3rd - Nationals Criterium ('17)

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About Shannon:


Shannon kicked off her professional career with a victory at the Australian Road Race National Championships, an accomplishment she followed up with a 2nd place overall finish at the Tour of Chongming Island, a UCI World Tour event. In her third year as a professional rider, Shannon is continuing to develop her ability with the TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank program.


// Q&A with Shannon

Why cycling?


I love being challenged each day in what I do; I get to follow my dream and fulfill my passion; and I love that cycling takes you all over the world, and teaches you so many great lessons about yourself and life. 


Favorite ride: 

Anywhere in Italy. 

Favorite cycling moment (so far):


Winning the Nationals road race in 2018 and winning stage 2 of the Joe Martin Stage race in 2019, because the team worked so hard for me, and I was so stoked to finish it off for us.

2020 goals:


Work hard on and off the bike to prepare myself physically and mentally so I can arrive on race day knowing I have done everything I can do perform at my best. Also, I have a goal to keep making my career fun and enjoyable for me, which is more of a mindset. I ride my bike because I love it, I am passionate and dedicated to my team and this sport, and it is my goal to keep it that way.

When not riding, I like to...:


Sing and play piano; and draw/sketch 

Favorite warmup song:


24k magic by Bruno Mars 

Favorite post-ride food:


Eggs on toast with mushrooms, avocado, and tomatoes. 

Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists?


Love what you do and do what you love! Every day is an opportunity, you have the power to choose what you will do with it.


Little known fact?

My nickname is Dash - short for Dashchund because I have really short legs and a long torso.