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Current City:




Bergen, Holland

Bergen, Holland

B.A. Business Administration


All-Around, Classics

Career Highlights:

  • Stage Internationale Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour  ('18)

  • Stage Auensteiner- Radsporttage  ('15)

  • 4th GC La Route de France  ('16)

  • 2nd Stage Tour De Feminin - O Cenu Ceského Švýcarska  ('12)

  • 6th Stage La Route de France  ('16)

  • 7th Stage Boels Ladies Tour  ('18)

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About Rozanne: 

With a strong family background in cycling, Rozanne began racing bikes at just 15 years old. In 2014, Rozanne began her professional career and has progressed as a solid classics-style rider. With a stage victory at the 2018 Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour. 

// Q&A with Rozanne 


Why cycling?


Riding the bike is in my blood, leaded by the example of my granddad. He is 88 years old and still riding his bike, a true example for me. I started racing my bike when I was 15 years old. One thing I would never leave without when going for a bike ride is my phone, to capture and share some of the nicest moments on or off the bike.


What's your daily motivation? 


I love the freedom a bike gives me. It makes it possible to explore the world in the most fun way. To enjoy the nature, challenge myself and conquer the most extreme conditions in training and races. Sometimes it's hard to see the beautiful surroundings we ride in, but when I'm not racing I try to enjoy it as much as I can. Being a professional cyclist is a dream come true. 


Favorite ride:


My favorite ride on the bike is hard to choose, but the best rides have one common dealer: pushing boundaries and by that achieving more than was expected beforehand. Weather it is with a team or individual, that feeling is magical. When I’m at home I like to ride a loop through the forest and dunes, I’ll always go to see the sea.


Career highlight:


Successfully switching from being a pro mountain biker to being a pro on the road.


2019 goals:


Making it an awesome and very successful year with the whole team.


When not riding, I like to...:


Write about cycling, going out for a walk with our dogs on the beach, gardening and photography.


Favorite warmup song:


Any top-40 Dutch song will do, I don’t have one favorite at this moment.


Favorite post-ride food:




Any advice to aspiring cyclists?


Go out, have fun and enjoy the ride!