Nicolle Bruderer



Current City:




Guatemala City, Guatemala 

the world (mostly the U.S.) 

B.A. Business Management

University of Colorado, Boulder 



Career Highlights:

  • 2x Guatemalan National TT Champion ('17, '18)

  • Guatemalan National Road Champion ('17)

  • Represented Guatemala at the 2015 PanAmerican Games 

  • Represented Guatemala in the 2016 UCI Road World Championships

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About Nicolle:


Nicky grew up playing sports for fun and discovered she loved the discipline required to excel at every one she tried. She discovered her passion for cycling when her dad got her into track cycling her senior year of high school.  Nicky then raced for the University of Colorado at Boulder on the road.  She raced her last two years of college for the Guatemalan National Track Team. In


Nicky aims to represent Guatemala in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Now in her third year with Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank, she is looking to continue to build her experience and results in the professional field. 

// Q&A with Nicky 

Why cycling? 

I never planned it, cycling kind of found me and changed my life forever. The sense of freedom and control it gives you to take it as far as YOU want is why i fell in love with the sport. 

Favorite ride:


There’s a road in Guatemala where you get to see the volcanoes and mountains, and the view is amazing when the sky is clear. Also its HOT because its near the coast, and that makes me happy. 

Favorite Cycling moment:


Winning Nationals 2018 (RR &TT) and 2019 (TT) 

2019 goals:


Qualify to the 2020 Olympics for Guatemala and to win the TT & RR at nationals again, that was pretty special.

When not riding, I like to...:


Even out my tan, look up recipes to “cook”, make ride food, spend time with my family, watch reality tv shows, drive. 

Favorite warmup song:


Any reggeaton/salsa song with a catchy tune that i can hum to when I start to suffer.

Favorite post-ride food:


Something with bananas and avocados. 

Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists? 

It takes time so don’t give it up. Start focusing on the things you can control from the start and the journey becomes way more enjoyable. If you have fun with it and put in the work, good things will happen. And if you can dream it, it’s yours.