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Current City: 




Trois-Rivières, Canada

Montreal, Canada

BSc Medical Biology


Punchy hills, climbing

Career Highlights:

  • Competed 3x in the UCI World Championships

  • 3x Canadian Nation Championship podium finisher

  • 7x Champion of Québec Queen of the Mountains

  • 1st - Stage LOTTO Thüringen Ladies Tour   ('17)

  • 1st - Stage Tour of the Gila ('17)

  • 2nd - Philadelphia Cycling Classic ('14)

  • 4th - Grand Prix cycliste de Gatineau  ('14)

  • 2nd Stage La Route de France  ('16)

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About Lex: 

Lex Albrecht is a professional Canadian road cyclist, with a special flare for punchy climbs and always having fun while riding her bike. Lex is a member of the Canadian National Cycling team in addition to UCI Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank and is a 7-time CHAMPION OF QUÉBEC, 3-time podium finisher at the Canadian National Championships, and has represented Canada on 4 occasions at the UCI World Championships.


Raised in Barrie and Oro-Medonte, Canada, Lex began cycling as a youth as a means of transportation and quickly fell in love with the freedom and sense of independence that came with riding.  As a teen, she saved her money diligently to purchase her first road bike. Lex moved to the province of Québec at the age of 18. There, she became proficient in French and studied Medical Biology (Biologie médicale) at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.


Cycling offered a means of balance to academic life and a great way to integrate into the francophone society while she was still learning the language.  She dabbled in local racing through her studies to test her limits.  After graduating, Lex worked as a research assistant at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier) before signing her first professional cycling contract in 2012.

When she's not riding her bike, Lex enjoys alternative 2-wheeled transportation: her motorcycle, preferably on roads with great views, and destinations with good coffee shops. Lex says that her ultimate cycling goal is "to never lose my love for bike riding. As long as this remains true, a lot of great stuff will happen." Lex loves the feeling of being in good form, saying her favorite moment on a bike is "whenever I feel like a million bucks on my bike." 


Lex is now based in Montréal, Canada, and trains at the P2 Performance Studio in Montréal. 


// Q&A with Lex 

Why cycling? 


My soul loves it, the rest of me didn’t even get a say!

What's your motivation to train on those extra tough, cold-weather days?


I know that it’s often the most difficult days, experiences, periods and sometimes rides that are the ones that pay the biggest dividends.  Sometimes I even wish for “difficult weather “ when it’s been too pleasant for too long. I would not want to get “soft”! Races happen in all conditions.

Favorite ride:


le Parc de la Mauricie (The best national park in Canada)

Career highlight:


Being hired and rehired by Linda Jackson (Also, winning a UCI race in Germany, 3 National Championship podiums and representing Canada at 4 World Championships). 

2019 goals:


WIN with my TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank teammates in North America and Europe, and represent Canada at the World Championships in England.

When not riding, I like to...:


Ride my motorcycle, practice my coffee making skills and LEARN... about almost anything!


Favorite warmup song: It depends on the day, but it’s always hip hop.

Favorite post-ride food: Salad. Pre-ride would be anything made by Alon Golan.

Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists? 


Ride for your own reasons, not to satisfy anyone else’s.  You can’t please all the people all of the time... 


Interesting fact:


I’m pretty good at handling tools. I’ve installed dishwashers, repaired iPhones, built bikes, done my own plumbing and grout work... and it only takes “one of me” to change a lightbulb.