Current City: 




Homer, Alaska

Menlo Park, CA

Harvard A.B. Computer Science


Time Trialing

Career Highlights:

  • 1st  place:  Dave Jordan Central Park Classic 2018

  • 2nd  Place: Giro de SF, W P/1/2

  • 1st  Place: Watsonville Crit (District Championship)

  • 1st  Place: Madera Stage Race (GC, RR, Criterium)

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About Kristen: 


Kristen grew up in a quaint fishing town in Homer, Alaska. "As a kid, I rode my bike around town in the summers because it
provided me a sense of independence an adventure," Kristen explained.


In high school, Kristen competed internationally as a rower and went on to be a competitive rower at Harvard. While working a competitive finance job in NYC after college, Kristen deeply missed being part of a team with a shared goal, so I tried out for a local cycling team in Central Park, and the rest is history.  

// Q&A with Kristen 

Why cycling? 

No other sport combines endurance, teamwork, and strategy as much as cycling. Being a great cyclist requires the fitness of an endurance athlete, along with the strategy and teamwork of a game-oriented sport. Cyclists must be good at reading the field, thinking on their feet, and adapting quickly to unexpected race changes. It's not just about racing hard; it's also about racing smart. Beyond races, I find training rides to be incredibly fun because they build fitness while also being social and adventurous.. 

What's your motivation to train on those extra tough, cold-weather days?

The harder I work now, the less painful race day will be. Weather also doesn't detract from most of the things I love about riding (the workout, the freedom, the personal time, and the adventure of exploring new routes). On really cold days, I always look forward to a hot chai tea latte when I finish.

Favorite ride:

SF to Pt. Reyes, passing through Mt. TAM & Stinson Beach (includes a stop at the Pt. Reyes Farmer's market and Bovine Bakery)

Career highlight:

1st  place: Dave Jordan Central Park Classic 2018 

202 goals:

I hope to podium at some American and European road races, and I hope to make the national team for track.

When not riding, I like to...:

Be outdoors as much as possible and host dinners with my friends. I also love my day job, which involves meeting with tech entrepreneurs who are building innovative companies. 

Favorite warmup song:

This constantly changes, but it's almost always some throwback of 5th grade girl pop

Favorite post-ride food:

Protein smoothie (PB banana is my go-to)

Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists? 

Go on long group rides as much as possible. It's the best way to learn bike handling skills, discover new routes, draft efficiently, make new friends, and understand where your relative areas of strength/weaknesses are. All that pays dividends later on. 

Interesting fact:

My favorite book is Principles by Ray Dalio. I love all hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, matcha, milk steamers) and always have some hot drink in my hand when I'm not biking.