Current City:




Ventura, CA 

Ventura, CA 

Studying graphic design 


Sprinting, descending

Career Highlights:

  • Stage Amgen Tour of California ('18)

  • USA National Criterium Champion ('15)

  • 2x  White Spot / Delta Road Race WE  ('18, '17)

  • 2x Gastown Grand Prix ('18, '17)

  • Armed Forces Cycling Classic Champion ('18)

  • 4x Dana Point Grand Prix ('09, '10, '15, '17)

  • 3rd  Grand Prix Cycliste de Gatineau - RR  ('17)

  • 2x 2nd Stage Tour de Feminin ('15)

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About Kendall:


Currently in her 9th season with Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank, Kendall is a former USA National Criterium Champion (2015). She was born to ride and began racing BMX at the age of 6. By age 9, was competing in junior races in every cycling discipline; Road, Track, Cyclocross, XC MTB. Kendall has raced in Europe with the USA National Team since age 15. She went on to Junior Worlds in the Road Race as a first and second year, 17-18 year-old. Then, Kendall turned pro straight out of Juniors to join TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank. 


Kendall has had an impressive run at the prestigious BC Superweek two years in a row, winning several races including the Gastown Grand Prix, the Tour de Delta White Spot and the PoCoGrand Prix.  Kendall let the world know how fast she was in 2018 when she won Stage 1 of the Amgen Tour of California, a UCI World Tour race.  Kendall has been named to USA Cycling’s long team for the 2020 Olympics and has been named as an alternate to the upcoming 2020 World Championships.  

Q&A with Kendall: 


Why cycling?:


Cycling started out as a family activity when I was 6 years old. I’ve played lots of other sports when I was younger, but nothing gave me the freedom or opportunities that cycling has. 

What's your daily motivation?


My Olympic dreams.

Favorite ride:

A ride up the Pacific Coast from my hometown in Ventura to Santa Barbara. Get a coffee at my favorite coffee shop, Handlebar, and ride back down the coast. Takes about 4 hours and there is a flat version and a hilly/rolling version to this ride, unfortunately the hilly version is currently unridable due to the fires and mudslides. 

Career highlight:


Biggest win of my career so far is the 1st Stage of the 2018 Amgen Tour of California. 

2019 goals:


In 2019 I’m pushing myself past my perceived limits of all my previous racing seasons. I’m taking on the track, focusing on Madison, in pursuit of the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. I’ve found myself able to dig into a deeper pain cave than ever before, and I’m really excited to see how this will enable me to exceed my accomplishments of the 2018 season on the road.  

When not riding, I like to...:


Spend time with the important people in my life, who are my support system. 

Favorite warmup song:


Split by Tiesto

Favorite post-ride food:


Depends on the type of ride. If it’s a short intense ride, I’m not super hungry, but I want all kinds of sugary things. If it’s after a long ride, can’t go wrong with a burrito - especially in SoCal. 

Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists?


Surround yourself with more experienced and better riders/racers than yourself.


The aspect I like most about cycling/racing is: 


Being part of a team that I can share victories, experiences, good times, and struggles with. 


Weird cycling ritual: 


Coffee and loud music. 


Little known facts: 


My teammates call me Doll! I’m grumpy when I’m hungry. I’m a coffee addict. I love chocolate. And my favorite color is blue.


In my downtime, I like to:


Shop, get my nails done, all the girly necessities…. And watch all my shows on Netflix, accompanied by all the foods.