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Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank is the longest running professional women’s cycling team in North America.  Since 2004, the team’s mission has been to help aspiring female cyclists achieve their dreams of becoming top International competitors.  The team has had numerous riders named to Olympic and World Championship squads and has produced several national champions.

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The Lockdown Lowdown: Killer abs, goal setting, and comfort food

Spring cleaning isn't just reserved for cleaning out pantries or purging closets. It can be the perfect time to look inward and take inventory of what your mind and body need for a renewed sense of self. In this week's edition of TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank's Lockdown Lowdown, we share ideas on how to do just that. Learn how to set realistic short term goals with Sarah Gigante, Kristen Faulkner shows us how to use a foam roller for a killer ab workout, and Shannon Malseed's recipe for chicken soup might be the ultimate comfort food. A Healthy Mindset: Daily Goal Setting I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of setting goals and striving to achieve them. One of my earliest memories of this is a vis

Keeping tabs on mental health, Tabatha workout, and diet prioritizaton

Whether these times have you crunched for time or hunting for activities, we have answers for both in the Lockdown Lowdown. In this week's edition, Erica Clevenger reminds us it's okay to acknowledge your mental health and gives tips to work through hard times. To keep our physical side healthy, Leah Dixon guides us through an intense Tabatha workout, and Diana Peñuela explains how to prioritize your diet during the lockdown. Healthy mindset: You're allowed to be human These are some tough times. I've been missing my family so much, my mom, my sister, my niece, my friends, and my teammates. I am fortunate in that as a graduate student and pro cyclist, my life is not as harshly impacted as ot

Tips to stay healthy during quarantine

It’s hard to believe Easter has already come and gone, and we’re already in mid-April! Our athletes returned from Europe on March 16 and have since then been on lockdown. As Covid-19 restrictions continue to shape our lives around the world, we hope our weekly mental, physical, and nutritional tips, and ideas help keep our supporters and fans healthy, happy, and positive. This Wednesday is our mid-week motivation ride! All are welcome to join the team on Zwift for an hour ride. Details at the bottom of the page. A healthy mindset: saluting the sun “This is me every morning - I salute the sun and breathe in the energy the universe is offering me, and in return, I shine my light big and bri

Finding morning peace, baking bread, and unique, challenging workouts

After our weekly Zoom check-in this past week, we learned things hadn't changed much for the TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank team. Our riders are settling into the new norm - training indoors, adjusting goals, and doing what they can to flatten the curve. In this week's edition of the Lockdown Lowdown, Diana Peñuela shares her daily meditation routine, Sarah Gigante teaches how to bake delicious whole-wheat bread, and Kristen Faulkner gives us a 30-minute trainer workout. This Saturday at 10 a.m. PST, join us for a virtual ride! We're tackling stage 1 of the Joe Martin Stage Race with RTGcycling. More details can be found below. A healthy mindset: finding morning peace Diana starts her day doin

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