Hometown: Osaka

Current City: 

Education: General sports science at Tsukuba Univeristy

Age:  29



Career Highlights:

  • 5 x National Japanese Champion

  • 17th RR and 15th TT at Rio Olympics 

  • 22nd RR and 14th TT at World Championships

  • 13th at Strade Bianche in ‘19

  • 11th at La course by le tour

  • 11th at USA Philadeplhia cycling classic

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About Eri:  I’m Eri Yonamine from Japan. I met cycling as sport when I was 20 years old in university. Before start cycling, I had played tennis in the club for 7 years from junior high school. My first (only women’s) road race was National Championship in 2012. I got silver medal surprisingly myself and then my passion for cycling got started. 4years later, I could get my chance to come into World Tour peloton in 2016 just after Rio Olympic.. Of course I love to race as professional but also I love just riding any other kinds of bike. I do MTB also CX sometimes do race but just for fun not competitive.

// Q&A with Eri 

Why cycling? 

I met cycling unexpectedly and then cycling got part of my life & fall in love not only road bike but also CX, MTB and on gravel. It gives me lots of experience, emotions & nice people. 

Favorite ride:

Easy long ride with coffee stop.

Favorite Cycling Moment (so far):

11th at La course in 2017

13th at Strade in 2019 

2021 goals:

Top 10 at WT one day race, podium for stage 

When not riding, I like to...:

Coffee & Beer : P 

Favorite warmup song:

I don’t listen music before race

Favorite post-ride food:

Protein cookies or fresh pasta.  

Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists? 

Don’t forget to enjoy cycling.

Little-Known Fact:

I have never ever ridden on track bike (also track).