Hometown: England

Current city: Richmond, VA

Education: B.S. Kinesiology at The College of William and Mary

Age: 25

Strengths: Climbing, uphill TT


Career Highlights:

  • 7th place PRO road nationals ‘19

  • 4th in Redlands Cycling Classic RR ‘19

  • 6th GC in Joe Martin Stage Race ‘19

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About Emma:  I’m a neo-pro living in Richmond, VA. I love spending time in the mountains, cooking, eating, and drinking good coffee. A fun fact about me is that I was actually born in England, and lived in 3 other countries (Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Sweden) before moving to the US when I was 7. 

No racing for me this year due to covid-19, but some 2019 race highlights include a 7th place at US Pro Road Nationals, a 4th place finish at the Redlands Bicycle Classic Road Race, a 6th place GC finish at Joe Martin Stage Race, and a course record at the Green Mountain Stage Race ITT. 

// Q&A with Emma

Why cycling? 

I have always been drawn to endurance sports. Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer. I picked up running and cycling in college and competed internationally in triathlons, but fell so in love with cycling that after a few years I decided to focus on that exclusively.

Favorite ride:

Anywhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Favorite Cycling Moment (so far):

Setting the course record in the Green Mountain Stage Race ITT.

2021 goals:

To learn as much as I possibly can from the talented women that I am lucky to call my teammates! Be at the pointy end of the race when the team needs me, gain experience from every race I do, and be a good ambassador for the sport. 

When not riding, I like to...:


Favorite warmup song:

Probably anything from Today’s Top Hits.

Favorite post-ride food:

Depends, but usually any sort of baked good paired with some protein does the trick. 

Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists? 

Keep the passion alive. If you don’t love it, it’ll be tough to stick with it. 

Little-Known Fact:

I was born in England, and lived in three other countries - Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Sweden - before moving to the US. I have dual citizenship in England and the US!