Emily Newsom



Current City:





Burlington, WA

Fort Worth, TX

AA in business, HR Block tax associate certificate, BA & MA in piano performance


Time Trials

Career Highlights:

  • US Pro Nationals road race 9th ('17) 

  • 5th - Valley of the Sun ('17)

  • Texas State Time Trial record holder ('17)

  • 8th - Chrono de Gatineau  ('18)

  •  Erpe Mere: QOM and points jersey ('18)

  • US Pro Nationals TT 6th ('19)

  • TX Panaracer Chainring massacre gravel race, 1st ('20)

  • Oklahoma Gravel Growler gravel race, 1st ('20)

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About Emily:


Emily began cycling in 2013 after her husband and coach noticed her natural aptitude for the discipline. She quickly rose through the ranks locally and became thoroughly enamored with the sport. From early on she set her goals high and aspired to become strong enough to race as a professional. In 2014 Emily took a 9 month hiatus from racing to have a child. Three months after delivery, she began racing again and through hard work and consistency gradually reclaimed her fitness. She steadily improved and began testing herself at a national level in 2017.


A strong time trialist who specializes in races of attrition, Emily is in her second year as a professional rider for Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank. 


// Q&A with Emily 

Why cycling?

After leaving grad school feeling burnt out and aimless, I made my way from running into the cycling scene and from there I gradually learned how difficult and painful this world really is. I met some incredible people and am learning how to function as a valuable team member. Since a small child I’ve loved sports, and though my opportunity came later in life than for most, I am most fortunate to be able to compete as a professional and strive to reach my highest potential in the life I’ve been given. 

What's your motivation? 

To be the best I can be while embracing my roles as a mother and wife and musician. 

Favorite ride: 

Fort Worth TX to Weatherford TX and back. 

Career highlight: 

Now. The opportunity to be on a professional team with some incredible woman traveling the world racing my bike. 

2019 goals: 

To podium a UCI race and to podium nationals in any of the three races. 

When not riding, I like to...: 

Gig at Lilis Bistro, take my daughter for bike rides, go on dates with my husband, bake, cook dinners, go wine tasting, second hand furniture shop. 

Favorite warmup song: 

None, I prefer silence. 

Favorite post-race food:


Any advice to aspiring cyclists? 

The human potential is huge. If you have a goal you wish to achieve, set your mind to it, and every day do something to accomplish it. Make it part of your daily life and surround yourself with those who encourage and believe in you.

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