Diana Peñuela



Current City: 




Manizales, Colombia

Manizales, Colombia

Graphic Designer


All-Around Rider

Career Highlights:

  • Represented Colombia in the UCI Road World Championships

  • 2nd Colombia Nationals RR 

  • 1x Stage Tour of the Gila ('18)

  • 1x Stage Joe Martin Stage Race ('18)

  • 3rd Winston - Salem Cycling Classic ('18)

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About Diana: 

Diana started cycling in 2010, after she didn’t achieve the desired results in speed skating and was sidelined for several months with an ankle injury. Diana got started on a mountain bike in order to be able to keep up with training for skating. After 2 years of mountain biking and doing some mountain bike racing, she left speed skating completely. Through mountain biking, her endurance improved and she was motivated to get started on the road. By the time she was 23 years old, Diana had saved up enough and was able to fulfill her dream and become a high performance athlete.  

Diana now has over 4 years of experience in the professional peloton. Across her career, Peñuela has demonstrated top results and is a strong team player. In 2018, Peñuela placed 3rd at the UCI Winston Salem Cycling Classic and won stages in both the Joe Martin Stage Race and the Tour of the Gila.

// Q&A with Diana 

Why cycling? 

Cycling is a way of life, it's not just going out to train and ride. It is how you eat, how much you know your body and how your mind can help you with your goals, it's a connection with everything around you.

Favorite ride:

All the climbs and roads in Colombia.

Favorite Cycling Moment (so far):

When I signed my first contract with a professional team after the 2015 Richmond World Championships.

2021 goals:

My goals for 2021 begin with having a solid season where I can contribute with my work to the good results of the team, focusing especially on the spring classics to get a place in the selection of my country to represent them in the world championship.

When not riding, I like to...:

Spend time with my family and boyfriend, go out to eat and look for new restaurants.

Favorite warmup song:

Adventure of a lifetime and other songs from Coldplay

Favorite post-ride food:

Salads with a lot of avocado!

Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists? 

It is never too late to work towards your dreams; you just have to have believe and the discipline to achieve them.