Hometown: San Diego, CA

Current City: Reno, NV

Education: Graduated in 2017 from UCLA with a BS in Biology

Age:  26

Strengths: Punchy climber, Time Trial, Great skills

Career Highlights:

  • 9th GC in Cascade Cycling Classic ‘19

  • 12th TT in Redlands Cycling Classic ‘19

  • 1st UCLA road race ‘20

  • 5th GC in Valley of the Sun ‘20

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About Maddy:  : I played sports all the way through high school -- cross country, track, and soccer -- but I wasn't introduced to cycling until I started racing with the UCLA cycling team in 2016. Immediately after graduating college in 2017, I raced for a few weeks in the Netherlands which really opened my eyes to what the cycling world is all about. In 2018, I raced for the Amy D. Foundation at Colorado Classic and had a breakout performance in the TT. Later that year, ADF offered to bring me on as their one permanent rider for the 2019 season, the first time they'd have a rider race for them for the entire calendar season. This amazing opportunity is what launched me to where I am today -- I grew so much as a rider over the course of the 2019 season with the Amy D. Foundation, and had planned to build on that growth in 2020 as well. 

I've also dabbled in cycling disciplines other than road. I raced at Cyclocross Nationals in 2019 as a total newbie and I've also been riding gravel a lot more. I would jump at the chance to do some gravel racing next year.


Off the bike I enjoy pretty much anything outdoors, especially backpacking and camping, and I'm looking forward to trying out some winter sports in Reno in the coming months.

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Why cycling? 

Favorite ride:



Favorite Cycling Moment (so far):

2021 goals:

When not riding, I like to...:

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Any advice to future // aspiring cyclists? 


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