Current City:




Sudbury, ON, Canada

Somewhere in North America

Chemical Engineering


Climbing, Breakaways


About Emily:

Emily started cycling as a way of cross training while dealing with several injuries from many years spent as a competitive distance runner. After a few years of riding just for fun, she was encouraged to try racing by a friend in 2016. In 2018 I began racing more seriously and competed in a few U.S. pro stage races including the Redlands Cycling Classic and Colorado Cycling Classic. Her successful results led her to a place on Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank. 

Hometown: Sudbury, ON, Canada
Current City: somewhere in North America
Education: Chemical Engineering 
Strengths: Climbing, breakaways


// Q&A with Emily 


Why cycling?


Why cycling: I like cycling because there is a lot of diversity in the race courses and tactics which play into different riders strengths and make races more exciting and interesting.

What's your motivation? 

My motivation is to be constantly improving and working towards being the best rider I can be.

Favorite ride:

The ride up Palomar in Southern California

2019 Goals:

Strong results at Nationals and Colorado Classic, and to be the best teammate I can be to help the team reach it's goals. 

When not riding, I like to...:

Explore the great outdoors by hiking, canoeing, skiing and climbing. 

Favorite post-ride food:

Favorite post ride food: yogurt with oats and protein powder.